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Engaged audience via holograms,
360 VR and streaming video

The world’s foremost Holographic 3D technology with exclusive rights and patented
technologies to create life-size holograms that can be activated on all platforms.

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Powering premium content

Fast-growing next generation premium entartainment platform
that integrates hologram, virtual reality, 360 degree and streaming video

  • Competitive Advantage
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Our reach

The Hologram USA platform reaches a global audience across desktops, smart
phones, tablets, smart TVs, OTT platforms and Internet-connected devices.

  • 70+ million

  • 700+

  • 90,000+

    Ad supported tv
    & movie titles
  • 75,000+

    Premium movies
    & tv programmes
  • 2.5 Billion

    Ad impressions
    per month

Our networks

Hologram USA is on of the world’s largest Live TV Streaming networks

  • FilmOn is the world`s largest online IPTV platform serving over 2 Billion Ads per month to a global audience.
  • CinemaNow is an international provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available to viewers in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • OVGuide is the ultimate online video portal to the best Video Content on the web including Free Movies, TV Shows, Anime and more.

Meet the team

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Digital media offerings

  • Creative

    We create and carry original films and content programming, television shows and social network-oriented content. The key feature of our productions is the integration of brand sponsorship generating an essential revenue stream to all of our properties.
  • Digital

    Hologram USA aggregates digital content offerings primarily from professional third-party content providers from the film and television industry. License content from Hologram USA’s library to third parties such as Amazon and Hulu.
  • Advertising

    The ability to engage in all-inclusive digital ad campaigns encompassing pre-roll, mid-roll and highly effective display ads built around and customized to the proprietary content and user data from the Hologram USA platform.
  • Television

    Our long-term strategy for Hologram USA is to develop our interactive television system (patent pending), which draws upon our online social streaming community and will televise our viewers who share their own live video streams.
  • 65,000+ HOURS
    Film Library

    Hologram USA Media is designed to monetize our collection of more than 58 film libraries including the Allied, Cannon, Cinebx and Hemdale catalogs.

    This collection includes 65,000 hours of historical television footage (including extremely rare footage of President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and the Beatles) and thousands of feature films.

Our customers

Hologram USA has active partnerships with most major trading desks
and ad networks. Hologram USA ofers these partners pre-roll, mid-roll and display
banner advertising across our properties.

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